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Life is full of positivity. One needs to just not look around but dig deeper if need be. It is all about what state of mind you choose to be in and not what life offers you. My work reflects my state of mind which yearns to remain happy under all circumstances. My works are all about positive balance between contentment and dynamism.

The “Dream Scape Series” are neither land nor city scape. They represent the positive subconscious spaces which a person deserves to be in, as happy surroundings. “The Bull Series” of paintings reflect our quality of inner strength and power. Bulls are a symbol of prosperity and growth.

This body of works have been a testing of waters for me, through experimentation with various mediums to render this effect of textured surface with metallic hues in the shallow relief. Many a time, I tried numerous permutations and combinations to achieve this result.

Bright colours and colourful things always fascinated me as a child and continue to attract me. Gold, silver and other metallic hues get spunk in my life and that spice ingredient makes it glamourous. I am not away from worldly pleasures; so to say all metallic hues fascinate me. Yet I do introspect in the depth of thoughts and life.

My current body of works have transported me to a supernatural state-The State of Happiness.

- Shuchi Khanna

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Website: www.shuchikhanna.com

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